Have your favorite pet captured in a painting.

A personal work of art of your pet

My name is Sylvia Heeren, born in the Netherlands near Rotterdam.

I capture my love and passion for animals in my oil paintings and animal portraits on commission, so that the character of the animal is well portrayed. Because of the assignments I receive, the passion, love, and enthusiasm for painting has grown even more. The light in the eyes of the animal or human is important to me. Happiness, sadness, all emotion can be read in the eyes. Eyes say more than words. It is wonderful to capture this emotion of humans and animals in my paintings and to show it to everyone.

Nothing is more fun than getting a beautiful oil painting made from a favorite photo of your loved one; immortalized on canvas. Dear to me that I can be a part of this. The pleasure and my passion is in painting but the icing on the cake is the emotional response I receive when the painting is finished.



Wildlife flora & fauna

How does it work?

Step 1

You send a number of good photos of your pet, where the eyes are clear

Step 2

Together we discuss the composition and dimensions of the painting

Step 3

You will receive a quotation for various sizes of the canvas, based on your wishes

Step 4

I'm going to start making a charcoal sketch

Step 5

The painting is built up in several layers of oil paint. You can choose to follow my process

Step 6

The painting gets a layer of varnish and is provided with a hanging system


Do you like to have more information? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sylvia Heeren
Park Zomerlust 13
2435 NG Zevenhoven

+31 654356632

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